Le Billionaire Vodka is world's most expensive at $3.7 million

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Le Billionaire, part of the Leon Verres Luxury Group, is famous for producing ultra-exclusive luxury products. Their newest record-breaking release is Le Billionaire Vodka.  There will be two hand-crafted versions, one in purple and one in white. Both will be done out with several thousand diamonds, with gold and Swarovski crystals used for the labelling. It will also come with a diamond-covered faux fur cover (Leon Verres Luxury Group supports PETA) and white gloves for your butler (not sure if butlers have their own version of PETA) to use specifically to pour the vodka into your crunk cup. You might be wondering about the actual vodka inside, and yes, diamonds are involved. They select only the finest, softest and purest Russian wheat with the most crystal of clearest of water. Its extensive filtering is through custom diamond-detailed equipment that's ensures its extra smooth and distinct flavour.

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For one bottle of this "diamond-distilled" vodka will cost you $3.7 million for a 5 liter bottle. At least there's enough in one bottle for a party, and if you also stop by Wallmart too, you can save big on a gallon jug of Ocean Spray at around $15.

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