Impatient Rich Guy Destroys $90,000 Porsche 911 in 10 Seconds Flat

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***Updated at 10:20 pm with new video footage below gallery*** This might be the best photographic evidence of Karma the world has ever seen. Or should we say CARma! Recently, a rich and impatient man in San Francisco's Marina district was stuck behind a line of cars near a construction zone. Rich impatient guy felt he was too important to wait in line and instead decided to drive his $90,000 Porsche 911 around the line of cars and through the construction zone happily ignoring the orange warning cones and workers waving red flags.

Amazingly, rich impatient guy did not find himself zooming through his short cut and on his merry way. Instead, roughly 10 seconds later he drove straight into a path of freshly laid wet cement. In the process he completely totaled the $90,000 sports car and seriously annoyed the team of construction works who spent hours attempting to salvage the car. On the upside, he made a lot of passersby very content with schadenfreude (that's the German word for being happy at someone else's troubles).

The driver also refused to get out of the car during the whole ordeal. Partly due to embarrassment but also because he worried that opening the doors would flood the interior with wet concrete. After several hours, workers were finally able to remove the car but the cement had already begun to harden and now the wheels, rims, brakes, and entire undercarriage will need to be replaced.

Brand New Video Footage:

So what do you think? Did this guy just cement himself as the world's dumbest driver? Is this concrete evidence that you don't have to be smart to be rich? I've heard that these new Porsches drive like they are glued to the road. Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below…

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