Idiot in Ferrari Runs Over Cop's Foot

By on April 5, 2013 in ArticlesEntertainment

Nobody likes getting a parking ticket, but you'd think anyone with enough money to own a $260,000 Ferrari 458 wouldn't care about an silly $80 violation. Then again, we've also seen countless examples that prove being rich enough to own an expensive car, doesn't mean you are smart enough to operate one. There was the time an impatient rich guy drove his $90,000 Porsche 911 straight into wet cement because he didn't feel like waiting a few minutes at a construction zone. There was guy who sunk his $2 million Bugatti straight into a lake. Or the idiot Lamborghini owner who crashed his car directly into oncoming traffic. And now we have a new member of the dumb rich guy club. This Ferrari owner runs over a cop's foot while trying to escape a parking ticket only to get slammed onto the concrete and arrested for assault. And by the way, his girlfriend happens to be reality start Stephanie Pratt (Spencer Pratt's sister).

***Update April 5, 2013*** Earlier this week a NYC judge dismissed most of the criminal charges against the Ferrari owner Julien Chabbott. The judge dismissed the major assualt charges because the officer apparently did not suffer serious long term injuries. Chabbott will have to perform five days of community service and pay a small fine. In the trial, Chabbott claimed that the Ferrari was parked in a valet zone by the hotel's own valet and therefore the entire incident was not his fault. He still faces civil charges from the officer.

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