Farrah Abraham Is Making $60k Per Month In Sex Tape Royalties

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Are you an attractive young girl looking for a fun way to make a few extra dollars this summer? Do you have fake boobs, no shame and a video camera? Then why not follow the path of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and release a sex tape?! Sounds great right? But can someone really make a lot of money off a sex tape? Well, put it this way: When you combine the seven figure payday Farrah got back in May with her current monthly royalty checks, she is earning enough money to literally wipe her world famous "Back Door" with hundred dollar bills. Once you read how much money Farrah will take home after taxes in 2013, let us know if you think it was worth it… in the end 😉

Farrah Abraham sex tape
Farrah Abraham Royalty Check

In case you have no idea who Farrah Abraham is, (and if that is the case, you are my idol), she first gained fame on the exploitative MTV reality show "Teen Mom", back in 2009. Before joining the show, Farrah was just your average 16 year old cheerleader from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Then she accidentally got pregnant by her boyfriend Derek Underwood who tragically died in a car accident just two months before their daughter Sophie was born. Farrah appeared on all four seasons of Teen Mom plus various one-off specials until MTV mercifully pulled the plug.

After the show ended, Farrah apparently had not gotten her fill of attention and fame. She quickly appeared on several more MTV specials and eventually moved to Los Angeles to launch a career in the entertainment industry. Since she had essentially no talent or skills, she did what any aspiring young female celebrity would do… Take acting lessons? No. Get an internship at a production company? Never. Write a screen play? That would imply she knows how to read and write. Clearly Farrah had no other choice but to take the high road in Hollywood. And by high road, we obviously mean get fake boobs and start posing all over town in skimpy bikinis in front of the paparazzi.

Just as Farrah was starting to fade back into obscurity, she went nuclear. Following in the footsteps of attention-whore trailblazers like Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson and Pamela Anderson, Farrah decided to film and leak a sex tape. And just like Kim, Kendra and Pamela, Farrah claims the leak was not intentional. Farrah claims that she made the movie, co-starring porn star James Deen, so she could privately "celebrate her awesome body" forever. Unfortunately, James Deen pretty much announced that he was paid to film the scene and that the intention had always been to sell that tape. Furthermore, James intimated that Farrah already had an arrangement in place with porn mega-company Vivid Entertainment before he and Farrah even had sex.

"Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom" hit the world wide web on May 19th, 2013. Regardless of what her true intentions may have been, Vivid did end up paying Farrah a $1.5 million upfront fee for the rights to distribute her sex tape. On top of that, Farrah also negotiated a royalty arrangement that would pay her a percentage of the tape's profits after the $1.5 million advance had been earned back. Thanks to TMZ, which probably got their information from Farrah herself, we now know that her royalties are pretty impressive. Earlier today, TMZ released a photo of Farrah's first royalty check from Vivid. The check covers the first two months worth of sex tape royalties. So how much did Farrah earn in royalties for the months of June and July? $119,576.39. In other words, Farrah Abraham is earning $60,000 per month off her sex tape. Pretty impressive. And considering Vivid eventually earned a reported $77 million off the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape, maybe this is just the beginning?

It's reasonable to assume that those royalties will eventually start to decline, but in the meantime Farrah should pull down a nice little income for 2013. Perhaps $300-400,000 in royalties before taxes. All told, when you combine royalties and the seven figure advance, Farrah should walk away with around $1.14 million free and clear after taxes. Not bad for a reality star with a G.E.D. And who knows, maybe this is just the first step in a long career for Ms. Abraham. Sounds laughable right? Keep in mind, this is exactly how Kim Kardashian launched her career. Today Kim runs a veritable media empire, has $40 million in the bank and a baby with Kanye West.

Sooo, now that you know the numbers… would you do it?

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