How Much Do Companies Pay To Sponsor The World Cup?

By on June 9, 2010 in ArticlesEntertainment

Got World Cup fever?  If you're a soccer fan, you might have spent quite a bit of money to buy your favorite team's jersey, FIFA video games or even tickets to the World Cup (lucky).  However, it's nothing compared to what companies shell out to become official sponsors and partners of World Cup soccer.  Some of these businesses must have a serious, life-threatening case of World Cup fever.

So how much does it cost to sponsor the 2010 World Cup? Companies like Budweiser and McDonalds are paying $28M for the privilege.  That's nothing compared to being a partner, like Coca-Cola and Sony, who paid $90M to score the "partner" title.  Visa is paying the most to become a partner at a whopping $200M.  Still, that's nothing compared to what The Walt Disney Company, which owns ABC, ESPN and Univision, plunked down for exclusive US broadcasting rights: $425M!

So if you think those World Cup tickets are expensive, imagine how long you'd have to save up in order to sponsor it.


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