Heiress Tamara Ecclestone Nude in a Bed of £1 Million

By on October 18, 2011 in ArticlesEntertainment

Heiress, socialite, model and soon-to-be reality TV star, Tamara Ecclestone is shown here posing for Hollywood photographer Tyler Shields in a bed full of £50 bills totalling £1 million (around $1,570,000 USD). Apparently the photographer asked Tamara if she could get £1 million in cash for the photo shoot and she said she already had it lying around her place. And by place I mean her $71 million mansion.

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This photo shoot was to promote her upcoming reality show for BBC's Channel 5, called "Billion $$$ Girl". It features her posing in a bed of her own cash, and doing various domestic chores that she's never had to do, such as ironing, frying an egg and sweeping up. All while donning expensive designer lingerie and dresses.

If you haven't heard of Tamara, her father is Bernie Ecclestone, who is the British billionaire founder and owner of Formula One. Her mom is a Croatian supermodel called Slavica. So she's been extremely privileged to Bernie's fortune and Slavica's good looks.

She also made headlines for the $16 million renovation she made to her $71 million home, which included a $1.6 million Amazon crystal-studded bathtub. The renovation actually added 6,000 feet onto the house including a full-sized bowling alley. She even had a full dog spa installed complete with marble dog bath. Yep.

You might have heard of her sister Petra Ecclestone who recently made headlines in the States when she bought Candy Spelling's old mansion for $85 million. Sounds like a lot, but she got a deal as it was valued at around $150 million. Check out our post on her house below:

 Look Out Paris and Kim, there's a new heiress in town: Petra Ecclestone