From This Is Us To Big Little Lies: The Highest TV Salaries Of The Year

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Television is big business these day – more than ever, really. Between the traditional networks, cable, and streaming there are more ways to get quality content than ever before. As a result, networks are shelling out big bucks to bring big Hollywood stars to the small screen. From Nicole Kidman and Kevin Costner to Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon -big screen names are crossing over to the small screen more frequently.

These big names bring big audiences to shows. With the competition between not just networks, cable and streaming – but producers and production companies – TV salaries are soaring. In fact, just this week it was reported that the starts of HBO's Westworld were getting big raises for the third season.

Big Little Lies' Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and the cast of The Big Bang Theory all make $1 million an episode for their efforts.


Below are the highest TV salaries of the year.

This Is Us (NBC)

$250,000 — Milo Ventimiglia

$250,000 — Mandy Moore

$250,000 — Sterling K. Brown

$250,000 — Chrissy Metz

$250,000 — Justin Hartley

Westworld (HBO)

$250,000 — Evan Rachel Wood

$250,000 — Ed Harris

$250,000 — Jeffrey Wright

$250,000 — Thandie Newton

Homeland (Showtime)

$450,000 — Claire Danes

Yellowstone (Paramount Network)

$500,000 — Kevin Costner

Game Of Thrones (HBO)

$500,000 — Kit Harington

$500,000 — Emilia Clarke

$500,000 — Peter Dinklage

$500,000 — Lena Headey

$500,000 — Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau


$525,000 — Mark Harmon

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

$575,000 — Ellen Pompeo

Ballers (HBO)

$650,000 – Dwayne Johnson

The Walking Dead (AMC)

$650,000 – Norman Reedus

The Nix (Network TBA)

$825,000 – Meryl Streep

Big Bang Theory (CBS)

$1,000,000 — Jim Parsons

$1,000,000 — Kaley Cuoco

$1,000,000 — Johnny Galecki

Big Little Lies (HBO)

$1,000,000 — Nicole Kidman

$1,000,000 — Reese Witherspoon

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