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Matt Lauer really doesn't want to leave the Today Show he just wants a hefty $25 million dollar yearly raise. Lauer currently gets by on $17 million per year. The Today Show is a virtual gold mine and he wants a bigger part of it in his pocket.

Flavor Flav joined Bret Michaels on stage Wednesday night in Dubuque, Iowa, for an awesome duo.

The crowd really got their moneys worth that night as Flavor Flav started bolting out his hit "911 Is a Joke" Bret and his boys started kicking out the drums and guitars. Wonder if Michaels will get free food after the show from Flavor's Iowa chicken place.

It seems Victoria Gotti wanted Lindsay Lohan to portray her in the upcoming movie about the life of Victoria's father John Gotti. Lohan was picked for the part over Blake Lively and Sienna Miller, because Ms. Gotti wouldn't have it any other way.

Charlie Sheen's VIP packed after party Friday Night is sure to be a hit. The party will take place at a New Jersey nightclub after his show in New York. We are told that topping the list of guests are many Jersey reality stars such as Albie and Chris Manzo, "from "Real Housewives of New Jersey," as well as stars from "Jersey Shore" and "Jerseylicious"

Apparently Lebron James's Momma was unhappy with a valet so she slapped him. It is unknown what the problem was, and unfortunately no video of the incident is currently available. Where is an iPhone when you need it?

Roseanne Barr wants full custody of her son Buck; currently there is a court battle between Barr and her ex, Ben Thomas, about who will pay for his trips to Hawai'i to visit their son. Roseanne's legal team is preparing to file the papers for full custody as soon as the Judge rules in this case.

George Lucas's daughter Amanda is ready to step back in the ring. She took a break from her MMA career so she would not look all-beat up to accept her wedding ring. Her return fight against badass "Muay Thai" fighter Heather Martin is this Saturday – at Freestyle Cage Fighting 46 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers have a lot of things they don't want to show up in court, such as Michael Jackson's autopsy photos, as well as evidence about the doc's visits to strip clubs, the women he met there, and the amount of money he spent in those clubs. Oh, and Murray's extramarital affairs, they are concerned that all of these things might diminish the Doctor's character.

Joe Francis creator of "Girls Gone Wild" has won his court case, where 4 women accused him of ruining their lives by featuring them in his videos while they were underage. All of these women signed consent forms to be filmed, now they are trying to make Francis shell out big bucks for emotional distress from their bad decision. The jury has decided the women get nothing.

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