Floating Island Villas

By on October 13, 2011 in ArticlesEntertainment

So when your friends already all own mansions, yachts and private islands, what can you buy to impress them? You buy your own $22 million floating island villa!

These floating island homes have been originally designed for off the shores of Dubai and are called Ome Floating Island Homes. The Ome designer is Donald Starkey, who is known for his yacht designs originally.   While this combination of a home, yacht and island seems outlandish, this design has won a concept design award from the International Yacht and Aviation Awards.

The Ome Floating Island Home will have two levels that are 105 feet long. The lower deck is for the living spaces, totaling 4600 square feet. It will include all the regular features you'd expect on a luxury home or yacht, including swimming pool, bar, dining area and outdoor lounge. The upper level includes 5 bedrooms and living rooms for the owner and guests. And if you're wondering about the pool, it will use regulated sea water.

This design was also nominated for a eco-travel award for it's self-sustainability, energy efficiency and waste management system. Each island home is able to treat its own waste automatically. The islands will be completely self-sufficient through photovaltatic cells on the roof. Each floating home can produce 30,000 kW, which is enough to power six large houses.

Like with homes or yachts, each Ome Floating Island Home has full options for customization to the owner's requests, all depending on their budget and imaginations. There are also plans for smaller islands, with the idea of having small communities of vacation island homes.

Considering the price of most yachts, islands and mansions, these are pretty affordable. For other uber-rich sea/land combinations check out our post on billion dollar themed yachts and on Pay Pay co-founder Peter Thiel's new start-up for his own floating island country.

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