Take A Look At The Most Expensive Home Theater In The World

By on May 25, 2012 in ArticlesEntertainment

Jeremy Kipnis is a man who loves entertainment. Films, music, video games, perhaps the occasional book, Kipnis likes to be entertained. And if you like to be entertained, what better investment could there be than his $6 million home theater? If there is one, Kipnis hasn't thought of it, since that's exactly the one he made.

Kipnis is the founder and namesake of Kipnis Studios – a home entertainment company that's been around since 1969, which is well before the "home entertainment revolution" made things like home theaters a more common sight in people's houses. Since the beginning, Kipnis has specialized in providing a unique home entertainment experience, something he's certainly done in his own home.

The centerpiece of his setup is the massive 10′ X 18′ screen, which dwarfs even the biggest big-screen TVs on the market today, putting it more in line with a small movie theater screen than a big TV! But a giant screen means precious little if you don't have decent projection equipment, and Kipnis has equipment that's quite a bit better than just "decent." Add to that the state of the art sound system and the better than movie theater seats, and you have a home theater that most people would be happy to pay to visit, let alone have in their own homes.

As you can see in the pictures in the gallery below, Kipnis' home theater isn't simply a screening room that puts function over form. It's a highly personal viewing space with lots of cosmetic touches such as a Jules Verne (author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) inspired submarine. It's touches like this that make a theater into a home theater.

So click on the gallery below if you're in the mood to seethe with envy over Jeremy Kipnis' sweet home theater. And start saving that money you spend on going to the movies, you might have enough for one of your own in 50 or so years.

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