Eight Ridiculously Expensive Items That No One Really Needs

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Being rich is a subjective thing. Some people think having a million dollars makes you rich, others think it means being able to live comfortably and not have to worry about money all of the time. For still others, being rich means you are able to live a life of luxury and can afford certain luxury items that most others can't. With that being said, there are some items that are flat out ridiculously priced no matter what kind of money you may have. Here are eight super expensive items that you might not really need.


Super expensive luxury cars are one thing, but owning your own yacht is something entirely different. The largest yacht in the world is valued at over $1 billion and is 728 feet long, which is the length of almost two and a half football fields. The owner of the "Triple Deuce" yacht, which will be completed in 2018, expects general upkeep to cost about $20 to $30 million each year!

Swedish Treskilling Stamp

A printing error made back in 1855 produced a yellow stamp instead of the intended standard, green stamp. The mistake affected just one particular stamp, which was sold in 1984 for $1.07 million. In 1990, the stamp sold again, this time for over $1 million; then in 1996 for just under $3 million; and in 2010 the stamp sold for $3.14 million in Switzerland. And you thought the price of stamps was getting too high!

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Private Islands

We know that the planet is becoming overpopulated, so why not get your own private island? If you get tired of rush hour in South Beach and too many college kids during Spring Break, you can buy an island that is about a 10 minute helicopter ride away for just $110 million. It includes a three bedroom house and a marina where you can park your superyacht.

Gold Bathroom

Many rich people have super-nice houses, but sometimes the bathroom gets overlooked. Hong Kong jeweler, Lam Sai-Wing, built himself the most expensive bathroom in the world, spending more than $14 million. It features more than 6,000 gemstones including rubies, sapphires, and amber. All of the bathroom fixtures are gold, made from 800 pounds of pure gold.

Gold Toilet Paper

Every gold bathroom needs gold toilet paper to go with it. Toilet paper is a necessity that can add up at the grocery store, but a gold roll will set you back $1.3 million. One of the "benefits" to this product is that it claims that you will have golden flakes fall to the floor as you use it. If you ever wanted to flush money down the toilet this is the product for you.


Art is subjective, but would you spend millions of dollars on a piece you really liked? In 2015, Paul Gaugin's painting "When Will You Marry" sold for almost $300 million, making it the most expensive painting ever sold. Too bad Gauguin couldn't get any of that money when he painted it back in 1892.


While paintings can be really expensive, sculptures can get up there too. Artist Alberto Giacometti's statue "Pointing Man" sold at auction for $141 million. It took him nine hours to construct the piece back in 1947. Alberto's other sculpture "The Walking Man" sold for $102 million in 2010.


If you ever go out to a nice restaurant, you will quickly realize that food can be quite expensive. When the waitress asks if you saved room for desert, you better have saved money also. At New York's Serendipity 3, the most expensive dessert in the world is offered. The Golden Opulence ice cream sundae comes with a golden edible leaf and a side of caviar and will set you back a cool grand.

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