Denver Reporter Confronts Michael Moore about $50 Million Net Worth

By on November 4, 2011 in ArticlesEntertainment

Last night a reporter in Denver named Evrod Cassimy courageously fought through a crowd of Occupy Wall Street protesters and confront multi-millionaire Michael Moore about his $50 million net worth. Cassimy held no punches in calling out the Moore on lying about being part of the 1% that these very people are fighting against. Let's re-cap our very conservative estimation of Michael Moore's Net Worth:


1) Moore's biggest three movies have grossed over $300 million at the box office worldwide.

2) Fahrenheit 911 made $230 million in theaters and $3 million in DVD sales. After the theaters take their 50% cut, we're left with $130 million. Take out another $50 million for marketing, production and distribution and Moore is left with $80 million.

3) Moore negotiated a deal with Miramax which guarantees him 27% of all of his film's net revenues.

4) Moore was also given 50% of all profits from Sicko

5) Moore is a bestselling author who receives 7 figure advances.

6) Ironically, Moore's film Sick was actually financed by none other than Goldman Sachs through a $500 million investment fund set up for Harvey and Bob Weinstein's film company.

Cassimy: Michael, it's rumored you're worth $50 million…aren't you part of the 1%?

Michael Moore: (Chuckle) I do very well.

Cassimy: How are you helping these people?

Michael Moore: Because I do well….I want taxes raised on people who do well, including mine…

Cassimy: How do you help people with your 50 million?

Michael Moore: I don't have $50 million dollars!

Reporter: That's what it's rumored you're worth.

Michael Moore: Well really – is that what you do? Sell rumors?

Cassimy: We're asking you if it's true…

Michael Moore: You're just punk media is all you are….you LIE….You lie….to people….stop lying…stop lying…

So what do you think? Is Michael Moore lying about how much money he has? How do you feel about Occupy Wall Street?

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