Custom Home Bowling Alleys By Fusion Bowling

By on December 9, 2011 in ArticlesEntertainment

When you see an episode of MTV Cribs showing some super rich celebrity and their massive pimped out mansion, it seems like life must be pretty easy. What MTV Cribs doesn't show you, is the constant struggle these celebrities face each and every day! From the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep, they slave away at the impossible job of trying to impress each other. Having something like a movie theater, pool hall, arcade or bowling alley installed in your house used to be enough to impress your your celeb friends. But these days it's hard for a celeb, you need more than that! And if this describes you or someone you know, don't worry, Fusion Bowling is here to help! With a new custom bowling alley in your mansion, all your friends with regular private bowling alleys will be so jealous!

With prices ranging from $89,000 to $164,000, you can have your own bowling alley full of custom features styling and accessories. This includes delivery, installation and all the necessary equipment, electronics and accessories such as non-smelly shoes. At the higher price range you'll receive additions like HD projection screens, disco lighting, lasers and custom 3D fiberglass sculptures and trippy decor. High-end features such as bowling ball speedometers and instant playback systems are also available. This list of options is endless and if you got the budget for it, they can meet all your excessive celebrity requests. Gold-plated lanes, Swarovski crystal bowling balls and Dom Perignon champagne for pins anyone?


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