Caption Contest: Ferrari Vs. Truck in Garage

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It's time for another caption contest! Earlier today we posted the following photo on the CelebrityNetWorth Facebook page and asked our fans to post their funniest captions. Just a few hours after posting the picture we had nearly 200 entries. We just went through all of the entries and I gotta say, they were all really funny. We'll post the best captions below the photo, but we want more! So if you think you can come up with something funnier, leave yours in the comments below!

Truck Crashes onto a Ferrari in a Garage

The 10 Best Captions:

Greg: "Chinese food is here!!!!"

Todd B: "Next time, I get to be on top!"

Grant M: "What happened last night?"

Michael S: "Lindsay Lohan's 3rd DUI."

Emmanuel: "Cause transformers like it doggy style too."

Dustin: "Must have really had to pee."

Martin M: "Honey, your girlfriend called, and Oh, by the way I accidentally bumped your car with the truck."

Thomas W: "Charlie Sheen's Garage."

Kelly Tony: "American made autos trump Italian made autos anytime and ANYWHERE!!!"

Bill C: "No Tiger, you are not going out with that whore tonight!"

Can you come up with a funny caption for this photo? If so leave it in the comments below. The caption with the most likes wins!

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