Rags To Riches Spotlight: This Chicago Man Built An Empire Off Vegan Cookies!

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A Cinder-fella story of sorts, one Chicago native, Jimmy Prude, has turned his new found love of healthy foods and baking into a flourishing empire. For those who are yet unaware, "Jimmy's Vegan Cookies" is a new snack line that exclusively sells vegan (animal-free) cookie products. All the rage amongst vegans and non-vegans alike, most seem equally as impressed with the concept of the product as they are with the taste.

 The Birth of a Budding Cookie Empire

A graduate of the historically black college, Howard University, this former business and information technology major sees his cookies as a "guilt-free indulgence", or so his slogan asserts. After participating in a nutrition program during his college years, his views on food and nutrition drastically shifted. After noticing an intolerance to dairy products, Prude essentially became a vegetarian and was pleased with the positive effects this lifestyle change had on his body. What's more, after becoming a technology teacher at a technology school, the young professional couldn't find any affordable, enjoyable vegan desserts. Thusly, "Jimmy's Vegan Cookies" was born.

Photo via Kimberly Vardeman/Wikimedia Commons

More about Jimmy's Cookies

Launched in 2011, "Jimmy's Vegan Cookies" are made with natural Amish grains, coconut oil, agave nectar, and stone-ground whole wheat. Available in two flavors, "Loaded Vegan" and "Dark Berry Vegan", the "Loaded Vegan" is loaded with vegan dark chips and the "Dark Berry Vegan" has vegan dark chocolate chips and cranberries.

Distribution and Plans for the Future

A company that has been in existence for just 4 short years, Jimmy Prude has already secured shelf space in popular retail chains Whole Foods as well as Walgreen's. Oddly, according to research data, more non-vegans are buying these cookies than vegans. This isn't altogether a bad thing according to Prude, he is thrilled to be able to provide lost-cost, health friendly snacks to the urban market, a market that hasn't had the best track record as far as food content is concerned. What's more, with goals of opening a production factory in Chicago, in order to not only bring more jobs to the area, but also to help promote a healthier lifestyle to Chicago residents at large.

Overall, Jimmy Prude represents the unlikely new age entrepreneurs. Spearheading a virtually unknown fusion of Veganism and the urban market, it'll certainly be interesting watching this 33-year-old cookie mogul and how his products, slogans, and business models help to shape and shape the food industry over time.

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