Check Out Our New Mobile Site!!!

By on February 26, 2013 in ArticlesEntertainment

If you're reading this article on your cell phone you may have noticed we just released a brand new mobile optimized version of Celebrity Net Worth! If you're not reading this on a cell phone, be advised that next time you need to look up a net worth while on the go, you may be pleasantly surprised 🙂 Keep in mind that this mobile site is brand new, so there's a chance you might encounter a few small bugs here and there. If you do find something that doesn't work, or if you have any other feedback/suggestions let us know in the comment section below, or send an email to celebritynetworth @

Why are we releasing a mobile site? I realize this might be a controversial statement, but people all over the world really seem to enjoy using their mobile phones nowadays. Believe it or not, but I literally know dozens of people who own their very own cell phones. Call me crazy, but in the future I could even imagine a world where people checked their favorite websites, update Facebook and respond to emails all from their phones! I know, I'm a bit of a kook. For a website like CelebrityNetWorth, providing a mobile optimized version of all our great content is a big step in anticipating that futuristic hypothetical world and we hope you enjoy what we built. So go enjoy our new mobile optimized experience and, like I said, please let us know what you think! If you want to be a badass, you'll email us feedback straight from your phone…Jay-Z just did.

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