The Most Valuable Mailbox In The World

By on June 21, 2012 in ArticlesEntertainment

A mailbox can cost you anywhere from 20 or 30 dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on how elaborate or expensive you're willing to go with one. But one surefire way to get a ton of money for a mailbox is also one of the hardest: Just arrange for it to get struck by a meteorite. That's what happened to the famous "Claxton Mailbox," which is the only mailbox in the history of the United States Postal Service to be struck by a meteorite.

It might look like just a banged-up old mailbox, but it's the most valuable in the entire world, having been sold at auction for a total of $83,000. The reason for its massive collectors' value is the meteorite that struck it back in December 10, 1984. The so-called "Claxton Meteorite" was so named because it landed in the town of Claxton, Georgia, right into someone's grey-colored mailbox!

In the world of meteorites, sometimes objects that are struck by them end up being far more valuable than the meteorites themselves, particularly if the object is of a rare or unusual nature. The Claxton Mailbox certainly qualifies as that, seeing as it is the only mailbox in recorded history to withstand a direct strike from a meteorite!

And it wasn't just some crackpot who thought the mailbox was worth his or her $83,000 anonymous bid. The Claxton Mailbox now rests in the Macovitch Collection, the curators of which value the mailbox at between $60,000 and $80,000. Even at the lower price point, the Claxton Mailbox is still safe as the most valuable in the world – and will probably remain so until another mailbox gets hit by a bigger meteorite!

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