The Most Expensive Rum In The World

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You can't expect to get a good rum for nothing. The process to make rum takes many years, and the finer the rum the longer the process. But Legacy by Angostura is more expensive than any other rum on the market – it's valued at $25,000 a bottle.

What are you getting with a bottle of Legacy? For one, the culmination of six years of work on the part of the people at Angostura. The master and blenders who came up with the blend have 50 years of combined experience, and they poured all of it into Legacy. Legacy is made up of seven of the rarest and most precious rums previously available – the youngest of which is aged at 17 years old. Each one aged in a 200 liter American Oak bourbon cask that was only used once. Here's John Georges, the Master Distiller at Angostura, on Legacy:

"Legacy by Angostura is the ultimate expression of Angostura rum. We set out to create the greatest sipping rum ever produced and we believe we have achieved something that is both unique and unequalled"

Each bottle of Legacy rum, along with a stopper and decanter is packaged in a deluxe presentation box designed by none other than the jeweler to the Prince of Wales, Asprey of London. Each pack represents 56 combined man hours of work across ten different levels of mastery of the craft.

Each of the 20 bottles of Legacy will be sold at a charity auction at Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain on the 4th of August. A seat at the auction/gala dinner alone will cost you a thousand dollars! So it'll probably be cheaper for you to just check out the gallery below, which has a few images of what is now being called the most expensive (and exclusive) rum on the planet.

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