Celebrity Apprentice: Donald Trump's Net Worth Vs. Everyone On The Other Side Of The Desk

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NBC's hit reality series Celebrity Apprentice returned to the air on Sunday after a hiatus of almost two years. The first episode of the new season had 6.8 million viewers along with a 2.3 rating in the adults 18 to 49 demographic. The show earned NBC's best rating in two years during the 9 p.m. time slot on Sunday excluding sports programming and the Golden Globes.

In case you're just waking up from a coma, Celebrity Apprentice focuses on celebrities trying to be "hired" by Donald Trump and win the competition, thus earning lots of money for their charity of choice. The show is about competition and business as well as wacky hijinks, but often comes down to the winning team being the one that earned the largest amount of money.

Some of these celebrities are big names while others are more considered C or D-list types. The show started off with 16 celebrity contestants. Although some of these celebs have made some good money, none of them can hold a candle to "The Donald". Donald Trump boasts a net worth of $4 billion and takes home an annual salary of $60 million. So when Mr. Trump was sitting in his chair deciding who to fire, was he worth more than all the 16 contestants put together?

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Trump typically starts off by dividing the contestants into two teams, the men and the women. The men's team or "Vortex" is led financially by Johnny Damon who has a net worth of $60 million. Their next richest team member was Kevin Jonas with a net worth of $18 million. Behind him is Geraldo Rivera who has a net worth of $15. After that there is Ian Ziering worth $8 million, Lorenzo Lamas worth $7 million, Gilbert Gottfried worth $6 million, and Sig Hansen worth $3 million. Rounding out the men's team is Terrell Owens who has a notorious net worth of $0. This brings the total net worth of Team Vortex to $117 million.

The women's team chose the name "Infinity". Their financial captain is Leeza Gibbons who has a net worth of $20 million. Behind Gibbons is somewhat surprisingly Keshia Knight Pulliam worth $12 million. Next is Olympic Gold medalist Shawn Johnson worth $9 million and actress Vivica A. Fox who has a net worth of $6 million. After that snowboarder Jamie Anderson has a net worth of $4 million and reality starlet Brandi Glanville is worth $1 million. Rounding out the women's team are model Kenya Moore who has a net worth of $300 thousand and reality mom Kate Gosselin who is worth $200 thousand. The total net worth of Team Infinity comes in at $52.5 million. In terms of money the men's team has a net worth of over double of the women's team.

If you guessed that Donald Trump is worth much more than all of the contestants put together you were right. All together the celebrities of Celebrity Apprentice 2015 are worth $169.5 million while Mr. Trump is worth $4 billion alone. In fact Trump is worth more than 23 times the net worth of all the contestants pooled together. At that rate it would take a whopping 377 celebrities on the other side of the desk to balance out the scale of net worths between Trump and everyone else. Just to rub it in Donald's daughter Ivanka and his son Donald Jr. who are often featured on the show are each worth $150 million which is more than any of the contestants as well. Add them to Donald Trump's left and right and it would now take 25 seasons worth of celebrities, or 405 to balance both sides of the desk.

So are there any contestants in the history of Celebrity Apprentice that have a net worth that comes close to Donald Trump? Gene Simmons was part of the cast of Celebrity Apprentice Season 1 in in 2008. With a net worth of $300 million he still pales in comparison to The Donald.

Donald Trump – $4 billion

Johnny Damon – $60 million

Leeza Gibbons – $20 million

Kevin Jonas – $18 million

Geraldo Rivera – $15 million

Keshia Knight Pulliam – $12 million

Shawn Johnson – $9 million

Ian Zering – $8 million

Lorenzo Lamas – $7 million

Vivica A. Fox – $6 million

Gilbert Gottfried – $6 million

Jamie Anderson – $4 million

Sig Hansen – $3 million

Brandi Glanville – $1 million

Kenya Moore – $300 thousand

Kate Gosselin – $200 thousand

Terrell Owens – $0

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