Access Custom Jets – The "Pimp My Ride" of Private Jets

By on August 24, 2011 in ArticlesEntertainment

Access Custom Jets has partnered with Sport Jet LLC to launch a private jet customizing service that is (relatively) affordable.  For $1.5 million, you can pick up a fresh 4-seater light executive jet that is hand built and personally pimped out for you.

The plane itself is 34 feet long with a max speed of 420 knots and max elevation of 28,000 feet. It can cover 700 miles in 2 hours, with 1000 miles per tank. This jet achieves great mileage, performance and comfort thanks to a roll-cage reinforced carbon fiber fuselage, a noted achievement for this category of jets.

It comes standard with two flat Screens, mini-fridge, anti-icing for the wings and tail, lap airbags, XM weather service and BoseTM headphones. The initial cost includes the following features: custom exterior paint, choice of interior colors and fabrics, custom interior illumination lighting and choice of carbon fiber or wood grain interior trim. They also offer a range of extra options for the full Pimp My Ride experience with custom exterior graphics, custom interior fabrics, custom seating, custom multi-media and audio systems, upgraded avionics and an extended fuel tank. They even offer to build it faster if you pay a little extra, because Spring Break in Cancun is only once a year and you don't want to be late.

Shown here are a few picks from Access Custom Jets launch party, where they had a example of one of their jets. I can't wait to see some pimped out examples when they hit the interweb. They will start shipping in 2012, so someone please mention to Soulja Boy that, unlike the $55 mil. G5 he was rumoured to be buying, there's now a custom jet he can actually afford for his next birthday.

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