91-Year-Old Princess Weds Lesbian Lover While Battling To Prove Mental Competency

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Princess Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Kawānanakoa is a native Hawaiian who just married her partner, Veronica Worth, after more than two decades together. Worth is currently battling the courts to gain control of her 91-year-old wife's $215 million fortune.

Retired Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Steven Levinson performed the ceremony uniting Princess Kawānanakoa and her 63-year-old partner.

The couple's wedding announcement was published in Hawaii News Now and read:

"Both Princess Kawananakoa and Veronica could not be happier to have sanctified their longtime loving relationship and wish to express their deepest appreciation to all close friends and loved ones for their congratulations and best wishes for a long healthy and happy marriage together"

Kawānanakoa is considered a princess because she is a direct descendant of Prince David Kawānanakoa, an heir to the throne of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Queen Lili'uokalani is Princess Kawānanakoa's great aunt. She was the last monarch of Hawaii. Her reign ended in 1898 when the U.S. annexed the Hawaiian Islands.

Kawānanakoa's fortune is tied up because she had a stroke in June. In July, a probate judge, assigned control of her estate to her attorney James Wright. Wright's lawyer alleges that Kawānanakoa is "unable to meet essential of physical health, safety, self-care or financial matters." The lawsuit claims that Kawānanakoa needs the protection of the court. Wright has been her attorney for nearly 20 years. He claims to have spoken to Kawānanakoa three hours before she had her stroke and maintains that she is no longer the same person.

Worth vehemently disputes this claim. Her attorney has hired three experts to examine Kawānanakoa. The first has already declared her competent to make financial decisions.

Worth has power of attorney for Kawānanakoa's healthcare. She receives $700,000 a year from her trust. The couple has been together for 21 years. Worth claims to just want her wife to be back in charge of her own finances. However, Kawānanakoa's long term attorney fears that Worth is in it to get her hands on her wife's millions. Wright claims that Kawānanakoa planned to set up a charity on behalf of Native Hawaiian people.

Whatever the case is, the timing of the wedding does seem a bit suspect.

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