The 8 Most Expensive American TV Series

By on January 26, 2012 in ArticlesEntertainment

Americans love watching TV. In response, over the last decade, budgets for popular television series have begun to revival full-length Hollywood films.

Now, kick up your feet and tune in: These are the eight most expensive TV shows produced in the United States.

8. HBO and BBC's Rome – $10 million an episode

7. HBO's Game of Thrones – $10 million per episode

6. NBC's Friends – $10 million per episode

Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images

5. Netflix's The Get Down – $11 million per episode

4. NBC's ER – $13 million per episode

3. HBO's Band of Brothers – $12.5 million per episode

2. Netflix's The Crown – $13 million per episode

1. HBO's The Pacific – $20 million per episode

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