The 8 Most Expensive American TV Series

By on January 26, 2012 in ArticlesEntertainment

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Americans love watching TV. In response, over the last decade, budgets for popular television series have begun to revival full-length Hollywood films.

Now, kick up your feet and tune in: These are the eight most expensive TV shows produced in the United States.

8. HBO and BBC's Rome – $10 million an episode

7. HBO's Game of Thrones – $10 million per episode

6. NBC's Friends – $10 million per episode

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5. Netflix's The Get Down – $11 million per episode

4. NBC's ER – $13 million per episode

3. HBO's Band of Brothers – $12.5 million per episode

2. Netflix's The Crown – $13 million per episode

1. HBO's The Pacific – $20 million per episode

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