The 7 Most Expensive Prescription Drugs

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No one enjoys the cost of their prescriptions—especially here in the United States, where health insurance doesn't provide as much coverage as some other countries. Luckily for many Americans, they don't have cough up the cash for any of the seven most expensive prescription drugs in the country, which treat rare and dangerous diseases and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

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7. Juxtapid

Monthly supply: $36,992

What it is: A lipid-lowering agent for the treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia

6. H.P. Acthar

Monthly supply: $38,892

What it is: H.P. Acthar is used to treat infantile spasms (seizures) in babies and children younger than 2 years of age. It can also treat multiple sclerosis in adults.

5. Myalept

Monthly supply: $42,137

What it is: A synthetic analog of the hormone leptin used to treat diabetes and various forms of dyslipidemia

4. Chenodal

Monthly supply: $42,570

What it is: Chenodal is used to treat gallstones in patients who will be having gallbladder surgery.

3. Cinryze

Monthly supply: $44,140

What it is: The main function of Cinryze, a protease inhibitor, is the inhibition of the complement system to prevent spontaneous activation

2. Daraprim

Monthly supply: $45,000

What it is: Can be used to treat toxoplasmosis, as well as prevent malaria and other kinds of infections

1. Actimmune

Monthly supply: $52,321

What it is: Actimmune can treat infections caused by chronic granulomatous disease, and can also slow the progression of severe osteopetrosis.

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