The 6 Most Expensive Hot Dogs In The World

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Did you know that there's a whole month designated to appreciating one of America's favorite foods? Yep, that's right, July is National Hot Dog Month.

If you're looking for a way to celebrate the occasion, maybe you'll bypass the traditional—and typically cheap—options for something more extravagant, like one of the world's priciest hot dogs.

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With a wide range of ingredients, there's a fancy hot dog for everyone's taste buds. So, now, without further ado, here's where you'll find the six most expensive frankfurters in the world.

6. Dougiedog Hot Dogs, $100

Where: Vancouver, Canada

What you get: A Kobe beef hot dog infused with 100-year old Louis XIII cognac, which costs about $2,000 per bottle. Toppings include fresh lobster and truffle-flavored olive oil.

5. UN Development Program, $130

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

What you get: Surprisingly, there's nothing special about the $130 hotdog. The UN named this price to represent the amount of money each of the billion people in the poverty line would've spent to buy a hot dog.

4. California Capital City Dawg, $145

Where: Sacramento, California

What you get: A 3.5 pounds custom-made, all-beef frank grilled with maple syrup bacon from New Hampshire, shallots, ground peppercorns, and more. It also comes with moose cheese imported from Sweden.

3. Tokyo Dog, $169

Where: Seattle, Washington

What you get: A smoked cheese bratwurst covered in wagyu beef with shaved black truffles, foie gras, maitake mushrooms, caviar, teriyaki grilled onions, and Japanese mayo on a brioche bun.

2. Hot Dog Mike's, $1,501

Where: Little Rock, Arizona

What you get: A hearty helping of lobster and gold flakes dusted on top.

1. 230 Fifth, $2,300

Where: New York, New York

What you get: Dry-aged wagyu beef, black truffles, white truffle butter, saffron, Vidalia onions caramelized in Dom Perignon, caviar, and gold leaf. (Plus, the proceeds from the sale of this hotdog were donated to the homeless!)

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