The 6 Most Expensive iPhone Apps

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Most popular iPhone apps can be downloaded for less than $3 dollars. But for these six apps, that isn't the case: These pricey programs cost hundreds of dollars more. Are they worth their price? You tell us: These are six of the most expensive iPhone apps available today.

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6. QSFFStats

Price: $999.99

QSFFStats helps users keep track of Flag Football stats and is compatible with the company's website.

5. CyberTuner

Price: $999.99

This app claims to be both an accurate and easy-to-use professional piano tuner.

4. app.Cash

Price: $999.99

App.Cash is a virtual cash register for the iPhone that processes transactions through to a printer to generate receipts.

3. BarMax Bar Exam and MPRE Review

Price: $999.99

Although the app itself is free, users must pay to unlock various features, like feedback from people who have previously graded bar exams, lectures from Harvard-educated professors, and more.

2. Ignition

Price: $999.99

Created by LogMeIn, this app gives users remote access to their computer from their mobile device.

1. VIP Black

Price: $1,199.99

Known as "The Millionaire's App," app users must verify that theirs assets are equal to more than $1 million in order to gain access the app's numerous luxury partners.

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