The 5 Most Valuable Stamps In The World

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Sending and receiving snail mail may be a thing of the past, but receiving a handwritten letter in today's constantly connected society is arguably just as joyous and unexpected as it was hundreds of years ago.

Take a journey back in time and check out five pieces of 19th-century history: These are the most valuable—and expensive—postage stamps out there.

5. Baden 9 Kreuzer

Year: 1851

Country: Germany

Value: $1.55 million

Why: Originally meant to be pink, an error occurred and several sheets were printed green. Three cancelled copies and one unused copy have been discovered.

4. Sweden Three-Skilling Banco

Year: 1855

Country: Sweden

Value: $2.3 million

Why: Each stamp value series was a different color; however, an error caused a three-skilling stamp to be printed on the yellowish-orange paper that was intended for the eight-skilling denomination.

3. The Two Penny Blue

Year: 1841

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Value: $4 million

Why: It's considered the world's second official postage stamp and rarer than its predecessor, the Penny Black.

2. Penny Black

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Year: 1840

Country: Great Britain

Value: $5 million

Why: Proposed by Sir Rowland Hill, this stamp depicting Queen Victoria is said to be first adhesive postage stamp in the world.

1. British Guiana One Cent Black on Magenta

Year: 1856

Country: British Guiana

Value: $9 million

Why: This stamp features the colony's Latin motto: Damus Petimus Que Vicissim, which means We Give and Expect in Return. There is only one known copy, which was used on local newspapers.

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