The 5 Most Valuable Action Figures Of All Time

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Like many toys, action figures often have a thriving second life on the collectors' market. And these five figurines are at the very top of the heap—fetching thousands of dollars each at auction. These are the most valuable action figures out there:

5. Soundwave, Transformers

Year: 1984

Company: Hasbro

Value: $4,000 (mint condition in box)

Soundwave was one of the most popular Transformer from the original Hasbro line and it has become a tough action figure to come across today.

4. Computron, Transformers

Year: 1986

Company: Hasbro

Value: $6,500 (mint condition in box)

This Transformer was only available in a gift set and was a combination of five other techno-bots (Scattershot, Afterburner, Lightspeed, Nosecone, and Strafe).

3. Kamala, WWF

Year: 1992

Company: Hasbro

Value: $9,600 (mint condition in box)

Kamala's trademark is a moon painted on his stomach. However, when Hasbro released the figure, it had a yellow star. It's rumored that only 24 of the moon belly version exist.

2. Optimus Prime, Transformers

Year: 1984

Company: Hasbro

Value: $12,000 (mint condition in box)

This 1984 action figure was the first production of Optimus Prime and it is nearly impossible to find in its original box.

1. Original G.I. Joe Prototype

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Year: 1963

Company: Hasbro

Value: $200,000 (condition as-is)

This prototype was never sold on toy store shelves, instead it was auctioned off. It was the world's first action figure and the first time a doll was marketed to boys.

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