The 5 Most Expensive Medical Procedures

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Going to the doctor isn't fun to begin with, but once you find out the cost of your visit that's when the real fun begins. And if you're unlucky enough to need one of the following surgeries, you'll be especially unhappy when you receive your bill. These are the five most expensive medial procedures out there.

5. Lung Transplant, $797,200 for double ($561,200 for single)

Lung transplant recipients endure long donor wait times, complex testing, and the surgical procedure. The recovery time for this surgery is also very long.

4. Bone Marrow Transplant, $676,800 for Allogeneic ($300,400 for Autologous)

The price of bone marrow transplants adds up to this hefty sum because of donor research and harvesting fees, testing, and more.

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3. Heart Transplant, $997,700

Just shy of $1 million, a lot of preparation goes into heart transplants in order to ensure a healthy and best-match donor organ. There's also an extensive recovery (approximately six months) and various follow-up procedures.

2. Heart-Lung Transplant, $1.15 million

This is a rare and complicated procedure that replaces both organs in a single surgery. A majority of the total $1.15 million cost goes toward hospital admissions and procedures, and the 180 days post-surgery accounts for nearly $170,000 of the price.

1. Intestine Transplant, $1.21 million

Nearly $800,000 of the total cost of an intestine transplant accounts for hospital administration and admissions fees, and another $150,000 goes toward the patient's recovery.

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