The 5 Most Expensive Chess Sets In The World

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For centuries, chess has been one of the most popular strategy games. And despite being played by millions across the world, the two-player pastime is known as a game of kings, so it makes sense that there are some really luxurious boards out there. The following five chess sets are the most expensive in the world and definitely suitable for royalty.

5. Carolingi XIV Chess Set: $113,575

This Piero Benzoni–crafted set features a scene that pays homages to the 9th-century battles between the Ottoman Turks and Carolingians. Rather than standard pieces, the gold and silver chess pieces look like actual kings, queens, knights, bishops, pawns and rooks. The accompanying chess table is made of ornately detailed onyx.

4. J. Grahl Chess Set: $450,000

Originally designed in 1972 by Jim Grahl as a commission, a custom-made replica is available today for just shy of half a million dollars. The total weight of the solid silver and 14-carat gold figures is nearly one pound, and the pieces have a 14th-century aesthetic. The chessboard is made of ebony wood embellished with sterling silver.

3. Royal Diamond Chess Set: $500,000

This chess set was designed by French artist and jewelry maker Bernard Maquin for diamond company Charles Hollander. It took over 4,500 hours to design and create, and the classically styled chess pieces are 14-carat white gold and adorned with 9,900 white and black diamonds, which weigh a total of 186.09 carats.

2. Art of War Chess Set: $750,000

This Asian-inspired masterpiece was designed by Victor F. Scharstein. Each piece was hand-decorated with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. The board is made of ebony, and its legs, hinges, handle, and key are carved out of gold and studded with gems.

1. Jewel Royale Chess Set: $1,327,515

Bespoke jewelry design house Boodles worked with Jewel Royale to produce the planet's most expensive chessboard. To initially create buzz about the set, the king piece was revealed, and by itself, the 18-carat yellow gold piece inlaid with rubies costs $59,742. (Wow!) The entire is made to order and takes approximately four months to complete and ship.

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