The 5 Most Expensive Cell Phones

By on April 18, 2012 in ArticlesEntertainment

In today's world, cell phones are far more popular than landlines and have pretty much become a necessity. Although many smartphone models are afforded by the masses, there some pricey options available for the ultra affluent. Here are the five most expensive cell phones out there.

Dior Reveries Haute Couture: $102,557

Released in 2011, the Dior Reveries may now be considered outdated, but its offerings are still impressive. The limited-edition Android phone features 1,539 diamonds and 46 mother of pearl pieces. There was only a total of 99 models created and they sold out fast.

VIPN Black Diamond: $300,000

Singapore-based artist Jaren Goh created the VIPN Black Diamond cell phone in 2006. The Windows smartphone has a chevron-like form, two diamonds inlaid into the surface (one on the joystick and the other one on the flip side), and a 2.1-inch touchscreen along with traditional keypad. Only five devices were made and targeted to wealthy oil millionaires.

Goldvish Le Million: $1.18 million

The Le Million was sold to a Russian oligarch in 2006 for a million euros, or just about $1.179 million. The body is made from 18-carat white gold and embellished with 120 carats of diamonds.

Diamond Crypto: $1.3 million

In 2006, Russian firm JSC Ancort collaborated with Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson to release a cell phone designed to impress and keep data safe. The Diamond Crypto is made up of solid platinum with inlaid rose gold and macassar ebony. It features hand-engraved keys and a directional button with 28 round cut diamonds. It was encrypted so phone owners could send and receive messages to each other securely—that is if your friends are just as rich as you.

Black Diamond iPhone: $15.3 million

The Black Diamond iPhone 5 was created by the well-known luxury product maker, Stuart Hughes. The phone is covered in gold and gems, and has an extremely rare 26-carat black diamond as its home button. It's rumored that the company was also planning to launch an iPhone 6S worth $23 million.

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