The 4 Most Expensive Swimming Pools On Earth

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A swimming pool is typically a great investment, but these four pools blow all others out of the water. Swimming in money? Here are four over-the-top places to take a dunk: These are the most expensive swimming pools in the world.

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4. Lev Leviev's Residence, $68 million

Where: London

The private home of Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, which is the most expensive residence in the United Kingdom, features a pool made of gold tiles, a spa, and sauna. Plus, a retractable cover easily transforms the pool area into a spacious ballroom.

3. Seagaia Ocean Dome, $2 billion

Where: Japan

Opened in 1993, the pool at the Sheraton Seagaia Resort is the largest indoor pool in the world. It is nearly 100 feet long and 328 feet wide and features a retractable roof, an artificial wave pool, children's pool area, a waterslide area, and an faux volcano.

2. San Alfonso Del Mar, $2 billion

Where: Chile

Located in Algarrobo, the pool at the San Alfonso Del Mar resort took five years to construct and is 20 acres in area. It includes a salt-filtering technology that purifies ocean water and fills itself.

1. City of Stars, $5.5 billion

Where: Egypt

The pool at the City of Stars resort measures 21 acres in area, and was built by Crystal Lagoons, the same company that built San Alfonso del Mar's pool. This pool also uses the same filtration technology.

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