The 25 Highest Paid NBA Players

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Who are the highest paid NBA players in the world? If you have a good jump shot, being a professional basketball player is definitely a great career choice. One of the best things about the NBA is that all contracts are guaranteed, which means that even if you get injured on the first day of the season you still get paid. That means the highest paid NBA players are some of the richest athletes in the world! For example, just a few months before Jayson Williams had a career ending collision with Stephon Marbury, he signed a six year $90 million contract with the New Jersey Nets. So even though he only played barely a full season, he was still paid the full $90 million long after he left the court. Williams actually took out a multi-million dollar insurance policy in case he got into a car accident on the way to signing his contract! Too bad he wasn't as cautious with the rest of his life decisions. But back to the matter at hand. Who are the 25 highest paid NBA players for 2012? Sit back, relax and click the image below to find out. You're probably going to be pretty shocked by the numbers, maybe shocked enough to go out and start practicing your three pointer!

The 25 Highest Paid NBA Players in the World:

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  1. 25. Baron Davis Cleveland Cavaliers $13.9 million
  2. 24. Al Jefferson Utah Jazz $14.0 million
  3. 23. Chauncey Billups New York Knicks $14.2 million
  4. 22. Brandon Roy Portland Trailblazers $14.9 million
  5. 21. Rudy Gay Memphis Grizzlies $15.0 million
  6. 20. Antawn Jamison Cleveland Cavaliers $15.0 million
  7. 19. Andrew Bynum Los Angeles Lakers $15.1 million
  8. 18. Paul Pierce Boston Celtics $15.3 million
  9. 17. Dwyane Wade Miami Heat $15.5 million
  10. 16. Chris Bosh Miami Heat $16.0 million
  11. 15. Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets $16.3 million
  12. 14. Deron Williams New Jersey Nets $16.3 million
  13. 13.  Elton Brand Philadelphia 76ers $17.0 million
  14. 12.  LeBron James Miami Heat $17.5 million
  15. 11. Dwight Howard Orlando Magic $17.8 million
  16. 10. Joe Johnson Atlanta Hawks $18.0 million
  17. 9. Amare Stoudemire New York Knicks $18.2 million
  18. 8. Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks $18.5 million
  19. 7. Pau Gasol Los Angeles Lakers $18.7 million
  20. 6. Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks $19.0 million
  21. 5. Gilbert Arenas Orlando Magic $19.2 million
  22. 4. Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics $21.2 million
  23. 3. Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs $21.3 million
  24. 2. Rashard Lewis Washington Wizards $22.1 million
  25. 1. Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers $27.8 million

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