20 Daily Habits That Will Make You Successful And Happy

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Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a tried and true formula for success? If there was some easy to follow set of rules or list of behaviors that would make all of our personal and career goals come true? Unfortunately, there is no true road map. There are as many paths to success as there are people, and everyone measures success a little bit differently. For some, it's making scads of money. For other people, it's about surrounding yourself with people who love you. While there are no hard and fast rules for reaching your goals, there are a few things you can do to make climbing your own personal mountain just a little bit easier. Here is a list of 20 things you can do to achieve success and happiness. These ideas are all culled from people who have climbed atop their personal podiums and made their own dreams come true.

20. Remember to Be Thankful

Sometimes the easiest way to find success, is to recognize the things for which you can already give thanks. Be sure to write them down so that you can reference them whenever you need a "pick me up". Seeing the good that's already part of your life can boost your level of optimism in a big way.

19. Keep a Journal

Write down your hopes and dreams on a daily basis, and then note what you were able to accomplish. Review your journal every day. It will give you a clear barometer of what is working and what's not, as well as help you keep track of your goals.

18. Get Used to Giving Some Things Up

Achieving success requires discipline and focus. Maintaining that focus may mean that you have have to give up behaviors and habits that might be sabotaging your goals. While it may seem like you're giving up all the fun stuff, training yourself to make appropriate choices in support of your long-term goals is hugely important with regards to being successful in everything you do.

17. Use Your Money Wisely

It's easy to spend money on the fun stuff. However, if you spend all of your available funds on entertainment, it could mean that the business you're trying to launch, or the course you're trying to complete, will end up being "too expensive". Pour your money into your goal, rather than spending it on whatever comes your way. And no matter how tempting it may be, never ever, ever, ever "make it rain".

16.  A Healthy Body and Mind Makes Everything Easier

Eating, sleeping, and exercising regularly keeps your body healthy, your mind clear, and your spirits positive. It's easy to get bogged down in work when you're focused on particular career goals. Be sure to make time to get out and move, and maintain a healthy diet and sleep schedule.

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15.  Choose Your Friends Wisely

Surround yourself with people who are ambitious, and who are either on their way to achieving their goals, or have reached them. Don't spend too much time with people who seem to have lost sight of their goals, or who don't have any in the first place. Spend your time with successful people, so that you can learn from them.

14.  Rinse, Lather, Repeat

If you find something that works, and that seems to be propelling you towards your goals – keep doing it. It can be as simple as waking up and taking a run every morning. Or it can be working with a particular group of clients every year around the same time. Whatever it is, if it has a positive impact on your life, do it again and again.

13.  Let Go of That Grudge

An easy way to boost your level of positivity and, in turn, attract positivity to you, is to forgive someone on a regular basis. It can be every day, every week, or every month. Think of someone who you feel treated you unfairly and forgive them. If you can't think of anyone, forgive yourself for something you said or did that left you uncomfortable. Being in the habit of forgiveness can free up a lot of emotional energy.

12.  Family Matters

We are using the term "family" loosely here. Family can mean anyone that falls under the category of a "loved one". Make sure to make time for your family on a regular basis. Again, it can be every day, every week, every month, whatever works for all involved. Being in the presence of people who care about you for just being you can make a huge difference in your level of self-esteem.

11.  A Book a Day Keeps the Doldrums Away

Read a book for 30 minutes every day, preferably first thing in the morning. Reading can help your brain "organize" itself and can give you a creative boost. Put an interesting title near your bed and start your day off with a chapter or two.

10. Wake Up and Dress for Success

This is a two-part suggestion. Get in the habit of waking up at the same time every day. Your body will learn to be ready to go at whatever time you train it to start the day. Once you're out of bed, dress for success. Wear clothes that make you look and feel confident, put-together, and ready to conquer the world.

9.  Work Hard – Work Effectively

Get in the habit of giving your job your all, because going the extra mile can make all the difference. Work hard, but also work effectively. Doing a bunch of different tasks half-way achieves next to nothing. Start on one task and see it all the way through.

8.  To Do Lists Are Your Friends

Make a to-do list with at least two very important tasks on it. These special tasks should be directly related to your goals. Complete the important tasks first before moving on to the other items on your list. Remember to keep your to-do list reasonably sized, so that you don't become overwhelmed. Be sure to accomplish everything on the list each day.

7.  Sleep Well and In a Bed

Staying up late or grabbing a few naps throughout the day in random places may seem like it makes you more efficient, but that's not the case. Pick an appropriate time to go to bed each night, and stick to it. Make sure you're doing your sleeping at home, or someplace where the space is dedicated to sleep, rather than crashing on your couch at work. Your brain and body need the downtime.

6. Breaks are Good

Having a disciplined work schedule almost means scheduling some minutes each day to give your brain a rest. Mental fatigue can reduce your effectiveness. Work in pre-planned durations, and take regular breaks. For example, for every 90 minutes that you remain focused on your work, take 10 minutes to stretch your legs and give your brain a break.

5.  Trust Yourself

Be clear about what you know and what you need help to understand. Everyone has things they are great at and things about which they're clueless. Trust yourself to handle the things about which you feel secure, and then ask for help with anything about which you're uncertain.

4.  Share Your Goals with Other People

Voicing your goals can sometimes go a long way to ensuring that they happen. Something about putting your dreams out into the world can act as a catalyst for making them a reality. Additionally, you may receive advice or ideas that can streamline your path to success.

3.  Look for Motivation in Challenges

Challenges are not insurmountable. View them as learning experiences or opportunities to grow as a person. The worst that can happen is that you fail. If you fail this time, learn from your mistakes, and go back and give it another go.

2. See Your Success

See your success – actually visualize it. You can map out your plan for success on a whiteboard, measure whether you're getting closer to your goals every day, set clear goals for each day, each week, and each month, and see yourself succeeding. By creating visual reminders of what you need to do, what you've already accomplished, and exactly what your success looks like, you are training yourself to move towards your goal consistently.

1.  Define Success for Yourself

Moving towards a goal includes clarifying what that goal is. Remember – you define your own success. Success is more than just making lots of money or having a great car or apartment. Success is also about basic happiness. At the end of the day, that should be your biggest goal. Define for yourself how you can live your life in the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilling way.

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