The Richest Hedge Fund Managers In The World

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Who are the 10 richest hedge fund managers?  A hedge fund can make a person very rich, but since a lot of the money invested is put towards development of new products or businesses, it can also tank very, very badly.  For a few people, however, hedge funds have been incredibly profitable, hence this list of the richest hedge fund managers.  Whether it was luck or expertise, these "high net worth individuals" chose to diversify their investments in ways that have managed to remain largely "bulletproof" during our tough economic times.  In some cases, these hedge fund managers have actually managed to increase their profits.  Though a wide range of legislation has recently been passed in order to limit and/or regulate what hedge fund managers and their investors are allowed to do, a hedge fund is still the most "free-wheeling" of all the investment strategies available.  For the 10 richest hedge fund managers, no matter whether they and their other investors poured their money into technology, art, or insurance, they started with money, and they ended up with even more.

The 10 Richest Hedge Fund Managers:

#20 Stephen Mandel – $2.1 Billion

#19 James Dinan – $2.2 Billion

#18 Daniel Loeb – $2.3 Billion

#17 John Arnold – $2.9 Billion

#16 Eddie Lampert – $3.1 Billion

#15 Stanley Druckenmiller – $3.1 Billion

#14 Julian Robertson – $3.3 Billion

#13 Israel Englander – $3.4 Billion

#12 Daniel Och – $3.5 Billion

#11 David Shaw – $3.8 Billion

#10 Leon Cooperman – $3.8 billion

#9 Paul Tudor Jones II – $4.3 Billion

#8 Bruce Kovner – $4.9 Billion

#7 Ken Griffin – $5.5 billion

#6 David Tepper – $10 Billion

#5 Steven Cohen – $11 Billion

#4 James Simons – $12.5 Billion

#3 John Paulson – $13.7 Billion

#2 Ray Dalio – $15.2 Billion

#1 George Soros – $24 Billion

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