The 10 Highest Paid Formula 1 Drivers

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Who are the 10 highest paid Formula 1 drivers? Formula 1 racing began in the late 1940s in Europe, with the first World Championship held in Silverstone, UK in 1950.  Giuseppe Farina, an Italian driver in an Alfa Romeo, won the first World Championship. Then Juan Manuel Fangio of Argentina went on to win five consecutive races during Formula 1's first decade, and the audience for the Championship and Formula 1 slowly grew.  More races were added to the Formula 1 circuit, and multiple car manufacturers including Alfa Romeo. Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Maserati, began to develop ways to make their vehicles faster and more competitive.  Fast-forward sixty plus years, and there are currently twelve teams with 24 active drivers.  Formula 1 cars now look more like small jets and the highest paid Formula 1 drivers are some of the richest athletes in the world!  They race at speeds of 220 miles per hour, and can hit 5 g on corners.  Many people conflate Formula 1 and World Championship races.  They actually function separately, with Formula 1 races counting towards World Championship inclusion.  As of 2012, there are 25 Formula 1 races occurring worldwide.  The global audience for Formula 1 racing has grown to over 520 million, and the sport brings in billions of dollars each year.  Consequently, Formula 1 drivers now command sizable salaries.

The Highest Paid Formula 1 Drivers:

#10 Jarno Trulli – Salary $3.98 Million

Jarno Trulli is the 10th highest paid Formula 1 driver making $3,989,700 per year.

#9 Heikki Kovalainen – Salary $4 Million

Heikki Kovalainen's $4 million per year puts him in 9th place on the list of the highest paid Formula 1 drivers.

#8 Mark Webber – Salary $10 Million

Mark Webber makes $10 million per year.

#7 Sebastian Vettel – Salary $10.3 Million

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel makes $10.3 million per year. That much money will give you wings!

#6 Michael Schumacher – Salary $10.6 Million

Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher makes $10.6 million per year but he makes another $30 million from endorsements and has a net worth of $400 million!

#5 Nico Rosberg – Salary $10.6 Million

Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg makes $10.6 million per year.

#4 Jenson Button – Salary $13.3 Million

McLaren driver Jenson Button makes $13,299,000 per year. His total net worth is $40 million, but that is sure to rise very quickly.

#3 Felipe Massa – Salary $17.5 Million

Ferrari driver Felipa Massa makes $17.5 million per year.

#2 Lewis Hamilton – Salary $19 Million

McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton is paid $19 million per year which makes him the second highest paid Formula 1 driver. His total net worth is a mind boggling $200 million!

#1 Fernando Alsonso – Salary $39.98 Million

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso is the highest paid Formula 1 driver who makes $39,897,000 per year! Alonso has a net worth of $100 million and is one the richest athletes in the world.

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