The 10 Most Expensive Hurricanes In American History

By on October 29, 2012 in ArticlesEntertainment

Hurricane season is upon us here in the United States, and you may be curious about which storms have left the most wreckage and, in turn, cost the most. The top 10 most expensive hurricanes in American history have each caused more than $20 billion in damages, and many storms that make the list touched down over the past few years.

10. Hurricane Rita

Year: 2005

Cost: $23.7 billion

9. Hurricane Wilma

Year: 2005

Cost: $24.3 billion

8. Hurricane Ivan

Year: 2004

Cost: $27.1 billion

7. Hurricane Ike

Year: 2008

Cost: $34.8 billion

6. Hurricane Andrew

Year: 1992

Cost: $47.8 billion

5. Hurricane Irma

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Year: 2017

Cost: $50 billion

4. Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy

Year: 2012

Cost: $70.2 billion

3. Hurricane Maria

Year: 2017

Cost: $90 billion

2. Hurricane Harvey

Year: 2017

Cost: $125 billion

1. Hurricane Katrina

Year: 2005

Cost: $160 billion

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