The 10 Most Expensive Beds On Earth

By on May 8, 2012 in ArticlesEntertainment

A good night's rest is priceless. However, the bed where you lay down always has a price tag, but it might not be as steep as these extravagant options. Here are the 10 most expensive beds available in the world…

10. Sphere Bed, $50,000

This Karim Rashid–designed bed features a television set, mirrors, champagne holder, and LED lights. And it's available in a variety of colors.

9. Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed, $50,000

This bed includes technology to help prevent snoring, and the upper half can be adjusted to your desired angle. It also has temperature adjustment.

8. Monarch Vispring Bed, $50,000

Known for its soft and silken bamboo fibre, this bed is environment friendly.

7. Cosmovoide Bed, $60,000

This luxurious customized bed has suspending springs and seven colored LEDs. In addition there is a telephone, DVD theatre, and electric relaxation frames.

6. Majesty Vispring Bed, $84,425

Made of cotton and cashmere, this handcraft bed has more than 6,000 springs and even includes layers of silk and gold.

5. Quantum Sleeper Bed, $160,000

Also known as the "Anti-Apocalypse Bed," this over-the-top bed boasts features like motion sensors, oxygen sensors, a toilet, and ventilation system. Plus, it has bulletproof shield, a bio-chemical filter, emergency communication system, air/water tight sealing, and even a microwave.

4. Parnian Furniture Bed, $210,000

Made by Adolhay Parnian, this bed has a hand-carved wood, gold and stainless steel frame. Its features include iPad holders, a Swivel TV, computer monitors and numerous secret compartments.

3. Jado Steel Style Gold Bed, $676,000

This waterbed's luxurious frame is 24-karat gold and adorned with Swarovski crystals. It also comes equipped with a PlayStation, sound system, DVD player, and foldaway plasma television.

2. Magnetic Floating Bed, $1.6 million

It took seven years to develop the magnetic support system for this unique bed. The frame can float approximately 1.3 feet above ground while holding 2,000 pounds. To ensure users don't float away while asleep, strong wires are attached to the mattress, bed and walls.

1. Baldacchino Supreme Bed, $6.3 million

Designed by Stuart Hughes in collaboration with Fratelli Basile, the most expensive bed ever created is handmade from 200 pounds of solid 24-carat gold. The frame is made of chestnut and the fabrics are Italian silk and cotton. For extra pizzazz, buyers also have the option of customizing the headboard with diamonds and other precious stones.

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