It Turns Out Harry Styles' Ferrari Was A Rental

By on June 27, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity News

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You may have read when we reported on boy band One Direction singer Harry Styles' car – a brand new Ferrari California convertible. He was seen driving around the streets of Los Angeles in it, and so many people in the entertainment news/celebrity car reporting world assumed it was his for keeps. Even former member of N*Sync Lance Bass got roped into the story, as he told reporters that spending $200,000 on a car when your pop music industry success is still on new and shaky ground is a bad investment.

Well, as it turns out, the whole thing was a bit of a misunderstanding. Contrary to what the photos appeared to show, Styles isn't actually the owner of the new Ferrari California – no, it actually belongs to whichever car rental firm he rented it from for the day. A public relations representative for Styles made the announcement that the car doesn't actually belong to Styles – and went on to say that Styles is actually pretty good with his money and only rented the car for a day as "a rare treat" for himself. Isn't that nice?

Ian Gavan/Getty Images
Ian Gavan/Getty Images

As "treats" go, it's still pretty expensive, costing several hundred dollars to rent such an upscale vehicle. And since Styles is only 18 years old, you can bet he had to pay the surcharge attached to renting cars when you're under the age of 25 or so. Still, it's kind of nice to find out that this new boy band celebrity isn't an irresponsible cad who drops $200,000 on a car on a whim. He rented it! So he could drive around in it! For a day! It's sort of quaint, isn't it?

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