This NFL Player Might Be On The Hook For $75 Million Worth Of Cavs Jerseys Thanks To Tweet

By on June 2, 2018 in ArticlesCelebrity News

These days, almost everybody knows it pays to be careful what you tweet. This is most obvious when some high-powered media figure gets fired over tweeting something offensive, but a different flavor of the lesson has been learned by Damarious Randall of the Cleveland Browns, who recently posted a tweet that will likely survive for a while in infamy:

"If the Cleveland Cavaliers win the 2018 NBA finals I'll buy everyone who retweet's this a jersey…"

The Finals started Thursday night, and if the series goes the Cavs' way Randall may have a bit of a financial problem on his hands. As of this writing, the tweet has more than a million RTs, and if the cheapest licensed adult-sized jersey comes with a $75 price tag, he's looking at an expense of more than $75 million, putting aside the practical consideration of figuring out exactly how to purchase a jersey for over a million Twitter accounts. The lesson here is simple, and probably worth repeating: Be careful what you tweet.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

You may be thinking to yourself, "big deal, he's in the NFL, he's rich, he can afford it," well, he's not that rich. Randall has a reported two years left on his contract with the Browns, valued at a little over $10 million — in other words, a fraction of the cash he'd require to make good on his promise if the Cavs win. Fortunately, there is some relief in sight, since according to a Darren Rovell Twitter report on the matter, sportswear brand Fanatics has offered to cut him a wholesale deal on the jerseys, which he says would save him 50 percent. Of course, even $37.5 million worth of jerseys is out of Randall's price range, so he's probably still going to have his fingers crossed during the NBA Finals this year.

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