Hillary Clinton Rents Her Private Jet From Instagram Playboy, Dan Bilzerian

By on May 8, 2016 in ArticlesCelebrity News

Reporters embedded with the Hillary Clinton campaign are flown around the country in a private jet that has a pretty storied history. A reporter  for TMZ noticed that the tail number for the jet matches the one owned by Dan Bilzerian's corporation Goat Airways LLC, and it turns out that the Clinton 2016 people got a hold of it through a third-party charter company.

The idea of Hillary Clinton flying press around in a private jet also used for Dan Bilzerian's infamous parties in the sky, with their copious amounts of alcohol, nude or semi-nude models and porn stars, and only-Instagram-knows what else, is a pretty amusing one. But it should be pointed out that Clinton herself doesn't use the jet, just members of the media – when it's not being used for parties like the one pictured below, that is.

Of course, one reason Hillary Clinton doesn't deign to use plane #N701DB ("DB" standing for Dan Bilzerian) may be because she or her organization was aware of this potentially embarrassing connection between these two seemingly disparate parties. But it's not known whether any of the reporters being flown about the country in the plane know about its super-cool night life as a private party/orgy plane for the "King of Instagram." For an extra laugh, just pretend that's what Clinton is reacting to in this photo:

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Other outlets have dug up some more dirt on the plane, although not of a more entertaining variety than those Bilzerian parties. The plane is reportedly 30 years old, and in 2014, a brake fire resulted in two failed take-offs, so its days as both a Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign vehicle and a Dan Bilzerian party plane may both be numbered.

As for you, if you'd like to get a look inside the now-infamous plane, but aren't likely to get invited onboard by either Clinton or Bilzerian, you can see it in episode 11 of Showtime's campaign documentary series The Circus. Whoever gave that show its title probably never realized just how appropriate it would turn out to be.

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