Sean Kingston's $1,250 'Mario Kart' Tattoo

By on July 6, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity News

Among the various big-ticket items that a celebrity can purchase to show he's doing well – cars, private jets, mansions, pools – tattoos don't usually make the headlines. But Jamaican singer Sean Kingston recently got a tattoo that cost more than a lot of people make in a week – and to make matters even more interesting, his ink is based on the popular Nintendo video game series Mario Kart!

The ink job was done in Kingston's very own Los Angeles home, courtesy of tattoo artist Peter Koskela. Kingston posted pictures of the tattoo getting done to his Twitter account, and the whole process reportedly took 5 hours to complete. That wasn't all it too, though: The tattoo cost Kingston a total of $1,250 – not bad when you look at the size of the tattoo and the fact that the artist had to make a house call!

As you can see in the photo, it's a pretty elaborate picture, featuring a vaguely sinister-looking Mario speeding along in a ridiculously souped-up go-kart. It isn't clear where the image came from – whether Kingston found it and gave it to the artist or if it was designed by the artist himself. But I have to say, for a tattoo based on Mario Kart … I guess it's pretty cool.

As for Sean Kingston, he will have plenty of opportunity to show off his new ink in promoting his upcoming album Back 2 Life. Details on a tour to coincide with the album's planned July, 2012 release date have not been made public, but no matter what happens you can expect Kingston to be out and about in various ways (and in front of the listening and music-buying public) in the weeks leading up to the album's release.

What will Sean Kingston get next, a Metroid tattoo? Or maybe one based on Duck Hunt?

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