How Much Money Is 50 Cent Hoarding In This Photo??

By on January 17, 2015 in ArticlesCelebrity News

Late last night 50 Cent posted a pretty insane photo, even for him, to instagram. The caption read "Still got a little pocket money" and the photo showed one hand is making the peace sign and the other clutching a stack of $50 dollar bills (this same hand also appears to be sporting an extremely expensive-looking watch). Stacked in neat mountains a few inches behind 50 Cent is a literal mountain of money. Stacks on stacks on stacks. On stacks.

I'm putting a challenge out: How much money is stacked behind 50 Cent in this photo? Assume each stack of cash is made up of $50 bills like the one Curtis is holding. Also, FYI, a standard USD currency strap (that's the technical name for a stack) of $50 bills holds $5000.


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