Lil Wayne And Drake Refusing To Pay $400,000 Judgment

By on May 29, 2012 in ArticlesCelebrity News

Rappers Lil Wayne and Drake are pretty successful – with a combined net worth of $120 million, no one can claim that they are short on funds. So it must be purely a matter of principle that they're refusing to pay out the $400,000 they've been ordered to by a judge.

The judgment came in favor of the company Cahuenga, Inc. In court, the company alleged that both Lil Wayne and Drake failed to show up for a club appearance in 2011. They must have been pretty convincing, since a judge ordered that Wayne and Drake owed a grand total of $432,337.50 for their having failed to show up. But instead of rolling over and paying up, the pair are teaming up to fight the charges in court.

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Both rappers are saying that they were never informed of the concert they were supposed to have showed up for, and that they also never signed any contracts to that effect. They go on to allege that the people at Cahuenga signed Lil Wayne and Drake through a third party: Melanzh Enterprises, which Wayne and Drake say had no authority to sign the superstars to any kind of appearance, which means they aren't liable for damages stemming from any alleged "no show."

Lil Wayne and Drake, in legal papers, are demanding that the judge revoke his order for the pair to pay. This alone is a good sign that what they're saying is true, since in most cases like this it's common for the accused entertainer (or entertainers, as the case may be) to simply pay the settlement to avoid the hassle associated with this sort of legal conflict. But for whatever reason, Lil Wayne and Drake aren't following this pattern, perhaps because they don't want to be subject to frivolous lawsuits from all and sundry – we'll see if Cahuenga actually has a leg to stand on.

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