Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Are Reportedly Negotiating A Prenup After All

By on September 27, 2018 in ArticlesCelebrity News

Earlier this month, it was reported that despite having a significant sum of money in the bank, Justin Bieber was not interested in signing the traditional prenuptial agreement in his impending marriage to Hailey Baldwin. Now, TMZ reports that even though that made for a nice story, it turns out not to be true, because both Bieber and Baldwin have gotten their own attorneys in preparation for a prenup.

According to a trusty anonymous source, Bieber was convinced that for someone in his position to get married without a prenup "would be insane," so even though he's full planning to stay married forever he decided to take the step. In this case, that position is a net worth of $265 million, a hefty sum compared to Baldwin's $2 million. And as TMZ points out, "unless they co-mingle their funds to the point no one can figure out who has what, [their money] stays their separate property throughout the marriage."

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

This whole notion of Bieber and Baldwin tying the knot without a prenup started making the rounds after the pair were recently seen at a courthouse in New York City. Some reports came out that the two were actually getting married then, but it turned out that they were just there to get the license. Now, it seems that the marriage won't actually happen until a mutually agreeable prenup (for both Bieber and Baldwin and their phalanx of attorneys). They were also originally reported to be planning on a marriage sometime next year, but whenever it happens it's not likely anyone in the public will know for sure what the financial terms of the marriage are — and, if you still believe in love, maybe you're convinced that this prenuptial agreement won't ever have been necessary in the first place after all.

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