Jose Canseco Apparently Made $1 Million For 12 Seconds Of Barstool Boxing

By on February 16, 2021 in ArticlesCelebrity News

The always entertaining Jose Canseco recently made quite a bit of money for just 12 seconds of work in the ring at the recent "Rough 'N Rowdy" pay-per-view boxing event put on by Barstool Sports. In the card's main event, Canseco squared off against Barstool's Will "Billy Football" Cotter for a grand total of 12 seconds before a purported shoulder injury stopped him from continuing. According to the New York Post, between Canseco's $50,000 fee up front and his slice of the Barstool-record-breaking PPV sales, Barstool's Dave Portnoy claims Canseco made around $1 million for his role in the micro-fight.

Portnoy went on to accuse Canseco of "taking a dive," a characterization that Canseco seemed to take issue with on his perennially eccentric Twitter account:

"Get my name out of your filthy New England chowder filled mouth @stoolpresidente You're a liar & a greasy salesmen (sic)…You and your Barstool minions need to put down the marijuana and focus on your failing business #CrumblingEmpire"

This was in response to a previous tweet by Portnoy in which he made the accusation publicly:

"Jose 100% took a dive. We paid half up front and he got double if he won. We thought that would ensure he'd fight. We were wrong."

Nick Laham/Getty Images

In another tweet, Canseco seems to promise future revelations that will clear his name of the accusation that he threw the fight:

"Wait for it wait for it let's find out what really happened here did anyone ever see me get hit in the face at all wait for the truth it's coming to a theater near you"

Whatever happened in the ring that night, it was a very lucrative show for both Barstool Sports and Jose Canseco, even while it did leave a lot of fans disappointed at the main event, which cost $19.99 to watch at home.

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