How Much Some Of The Biggest Stars In The World Make Per Instagram Post

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Instagram: Most people use it for free, but the big power players know that you don't even get out of bed unless there's a substantial paycheck involved. Some of the biggest stars in the world right now have leveraged their fame and influence into huge numbers of Instagram followers, and brands are willing to pay handsomely for exposure on that particular platform. Here, courtesy of Instagram scheduler site HopperHQ, is a list of some of those stars, and how much they are believed to make per sponsored Instagram post.

Kylie Jenner — $1,000,000 per post

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images

The highest-paid celebrity on Instagram right now is believed to be Kylie Jenner, who saw her per-post fee grow from around $400,000 last year to its current seven-figure home today.

Selena Gomez — $800,000 per post

Selena Gomez has an incredible 139 million followers on Instagram, and when she sends out a sponsored promotional post she's reportedly getting around $800,000 for it.

Cristiano Ronaldo — $750,000 per post

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Arguably the brightest soccer star in the world has Instagram to fall back on if somehow everything else in his career goes sour: $750,000 per post on the platform.

Kim Kardashian — $720,000 per post

She might have been surpassed by Kylie Jenner, but Kim Kardashian still wields plenty of power in the Instagram game, earning around $720,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

Beyoncé Knowles — $700,000 per post

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

Beyoncé doesn't need a last name at her position in the pop pantheon, but if you want her to hawk your product on Instagram you'll need to pay a reported $700,000 to do it.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — $650,000 per post

The Rock may not the biggest earner on this list, but his per-post fee doesn't include the seven-figure "social media fee" he gets to promote his own movies.

Justin Bieber — $630,000 per post

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Justin Bieber was one of the first artists to get huge on social media, and he still commands a healthy $630,000 fee on Instagram.

Neymar — $600,000 per post

Another big athlete on the list, Neymar doesn't quite get Ronaldo money on Instagram but he does OK for himself anyway.

Lionel Messi — $500,000 per post

The last athlete on the list is Lionel Messi, even down here on the lower end of this particular totem pole he still gets half a million bucks per post on Instagram.

Kendall Jenner — $500,000 per post

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

It's not a competition, but if it were, Kendall Jenner would be losing to both Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. She's still making $500,000 per Instagram post, though, and maybe her fee will go up in the future.

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