Here's How Much Charlie Sheen Has Paid Ex-Girlfriends And Hookers In The Last 4 years

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Keeping a secret can be expensive. When the secret is that you have HIV, it can be really expensive. And when the secret-holder is one Carlos Irwin Estevez, better known as Charlie Sheen, it can be REALLY, REALLY, REALLY expensive.

As you no doubt have heard by now, Charlie Sheen is HIV positive. He has reportedly been HIV positive since 2011. In those last four years, Charlie has reportedly slept with hundreds, potentially even more than a thousand, different people. I say "people," because according to The National Enquirer, Charlie has slept with women, men and transsexuals.

During his bombshell interview with Matt Lauer, Charlie claims that he was always 100% upfront with each and every one of his sexual partners. He also implied that he used a condom for the majority of his sexual encounters. He further claimed that the condomless sexual encounters were performed under the supervision of a doctor and that he has NEVER transmitted the virus to anyone.

Brad White/Getty Images

Brad White/Getty Images

Even if all of that is true, clearly lots of people came to know Charlie's secret in the last four years. And since Charlie wanted all these people to keep their mouths shut, the last four years have been extremely expensive.

Below is a list of what we know today about these expenses. Some of this info comes from Charlie's own admissions, and some was pulled from court documents that were dug up recently by various news outlets.

  1. Charlie claims that he has spent $10 million in the last four years on extortioners who threatened to make his secret public.
  2. According to court filings, Charlie spends $1 million per year on child support. $500k goes to his six-year-old twins with Brooke Mueller and $500k goes to his two children with Denise Richards.
  3. In 2013 alone, Charlie spent $1,629,507 on hookers. We know this because his production company listed them as expenses in its tax returns. The expenses were labeled as "Friendly Entertainment."
  4. This isn't related to ex-girlfriends or hookers, but FYI, according to those same tax filings, Charlie spends $410,000 per year on his personal chef, $130,000 on parties, $105,000 on hotels and $135,000 on clothing. He also donates around $100,000 per year to charity.
  5. According to a Madam that Charlie allegedly used, he would pay $10,000 extra to have sex with hookers without a condom. That's on top of the roughly $10,000 he would spend for them to be there in the first place.
  6. Charlie allegedly bought houses for some of his ex-girlfriends who knew of his HIV status.

Wow. Just let all that sink in for a bit. Totally insane.

The good news for Charlie is that all the extortion stops immediately. That's one bright spot in coming clean. The bad news is, Charlie might be facing some extremely expensive lawsuits from former girlfriends who were supposedly NOT told of his HIV status before having sex with him. According to TMZ, six former partners have already reached out to an LA attorney to file civil charges against the actor for "intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud, sexual battery."

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