Goodie Bags At The Oscars: The $230,000 Treat That Makes Everyone A Winner

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The Oscars is a huge night in Hollywood, one that promises a cherished award for some of the 25 nominees. Fortunately, even if the talented and well-deserving list of Oscar-wielding potentials – including Leonardo DiCaprio (Best Actor, The Revenant), Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress, Joy) and Kate Winslet (Best Supporting Actress, Steve Jobs) – doesn't make away with the biggest prize of the night, they'll still get quite the consolation prize.

Marketing company Distinctive Assets offers a plentiful swag bag to every single nominee in the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director categories, whether they win or lose. The goodie bag, known officially as the "Everyone Wins" Nominee Gift bag, contains a variety of prizes valued at roughly $230,000. While every single gift included in the takeaway bag is a donation, the total cost of the "Everyone Wins" packages comes out to nearly $6 million. So what's in these mysterious bags, you ask?

Whether or not Leo, Jennifer or Kate make away with the coveted Oscar during February 28th's 88th Annual Academy Awards, they'll have plenty of presents to wallow over. Following the awards show, nominees can jet away to Israel thanks to travel company, a trip valued at $55,000. If they'd rather drive to their next destination, they're covered with a 12-month subscription to the car rental service app Silvercar valued at $45,000. A break between movies? A vampire breast lift valued at $1,900 is also included in the swag bag.

Mike Windle/Getty Images

Mike Windle/Getty Images

There are plenty of everyday products as well, however. J.Law and others can enjoy Mission1 Clean Protein bars and personalized M&Ms after the biggest night in Hollywood, all courtesy of Distinctive Assets.

The "Everyone Wins" bag has been a staple for years, with nominees receiving a variety of high-end and unique gifts, whether or not it comes with an Oscar statue. Distinctive Assets says the gift bags are simply a marketing opportunity for companies. From the lavish trips to even some of the less high-ticket freebies, the opportunity is one that could help business boom for any given company represented in the bag.

While it's clear the "swag bags" offered up to celebrities serve an ulterior motive, it doesn't mean that there will always be a big payday for the brands behind the gifts. The companies that participate and donate their products to the program may receive some publicity, but they still have to foot a promotional fee of at least $4,000 to have the chance at getting recognized by way of a famous celebrity. Brands looking to offer more freebies to the big names that can already afford them will have to pay even more. And if Kate Winslet takes up the offer on that all-expense paid trip, companies like Explore Israel might not make a single cent.

So while the companies involved with the behind-the-scenes product placement push hope to soon see the Academy's next Best Actor in a Motion Picture sporting their brand on the streets, the risk of not even breaking even might just be worth it. Distinctive Assets founder and The New York Times-titled "Sultan of Swag," Lash Fary, says the gamble is worth it because the personal brand behind every single nominee has value as a commodity. With plenty of the nominees possessing eye-opening net worths of their own (Leonardo DiCaprio at an estimated $245 million, Jennifer Lawrence at an estimated $60 million), there's certainly a draw to catching their attention.

Here are the 15 most expensive goodies that await each Oscar nominee on February 28th.

  1. All-expense paid trip to Israel – Valued at $55,000, this 10-day trip includes the five star treatment for two in Israel.
  2. All-expense paid trip to Japan – Walk Japan: Valued at $54,000, this 15-day tour will take celebs to both Tokyo and Kyoto.
  3. 12-month paid subscription – Silvercar: Valued at $45,000, recipients will be able to rent a fully-loaded Audi A4 for a year.
  4. Lifetime supply of beauty products – Lizora: Valued at $31,200, this gift includes Pu-erh Tea Nourishing Creams and the Pu-erh Tea Cleansing Bars… for life!
  5. Meal donation to an animal shelter – Halo, Purely for Pets: Valued at $6,300, this unique prize allows the nominees to donate $10,000 meals to an animal shelter of their choice.
  6. Ultimate fitness package – Fit Club TV: Valued at $6,250, this package includes fitness instruction, health supplements, and workout apparel.
  7. Ultherapy – 740 Park MD: Valued at $5,530, this ultrasound therapy is said to provide a non-invasive facelift.
  8. Customizable spa collection – Steamist: Valued at $5,060, celebs can take home a Steamist Total Sense Home Spa Collections' set of amenities.
  9. Ritzy hotel stays – Grand Hotel Tremezzo: Valued at $5,000, this stay boasts high-end amenities with views of Bellagio and the Grigne Mountains.
  10. More ritzy hotel stays – Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria: Valued at $5,000, celebs can stay at the Grand Hotel, neighbor to Mount Vesuvius.
  11. Complimentary three-day stay – Golden Resort & Spa: Valued at $4,800, this San Marcos, California hot spot offers relaxation for high-end clientele.
  12. Gift basket services – Delovery: Valued at $2,000, this company promises to help take on everything from shopping to shipping so that celebs don't have to worry.
  13. Vampire breast lift: Valued at $1,900, this procedure uses the patient's own blood to offer a non-surgical approach to a breast lift.
  14. Personal training – Jay Cardiello: Valued at $1,400, celebs get to workout with the celeb wellness expert from ABC'S My Diet Is Better Than Yours.
  15. Personal training – Alexis Seletzky: Valued at $900, this gift includes ten workout sessions with the well-known celebrity trainer.



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