Floyd Mayweather Says He's Worth At Least $1 Billion To The UFC

By on February 22, 2019 in ArticlesCelebrity News

Floyd Mayweather, as you most certainly already know, has never been shy about discussing money matters in public, the more money the better. He kept to that tradition in a big way on a recent episode of Kevin Hart's Cold As Balls podcast, telling the comedian that if he so chose he could fight in the UFC octagon and get paid billions of dollars to do so.

As Money himself tells it, the UFC would be so eager to put Mayweather on one of their cards that they would be willing to shell out ten figures to make it happen. Here's Floyd:

"I can go get a deal right now from the UFC. Probably 3-fight, 4-fight, billion-dollar deal if that's what I wanted."

Some outlets quote Mayweather as saying that he could ink a "$3 billion or $5 billion-dollar deal" rather than the above, but in any case it's clear that he thinks he's worth a hefty sum to the UFC accountants. Another podcast highlight was Mayweather describing fellow fighter Conor McGregor as a "knock-off" of himself.

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Taking his talents to UFC is an idea that both Mayweather and UFC's own Dana White have both floated in the past, but in actual likelihood the odds of it happening any time soon don't seem especially high. For one thing, Mayweather says he doesn't need the money:

"My life is great. Smart investments. I can buy whatever I want to buy, every month."

That's undoubtedly true, but a billion-dollar paycheck might prove hard to say no to, especially if you consider that his career earnings up to this point come to about $1.1 billion. As such, the hypothetical ten-figure check would be the most he's ever earned for a fight by far.

That's in a career that's been distinguished by some extremely big paydays. He's been earning at least seven figure purses going back to 2005, and soon after that he brought home eight figures when he earned $25 million to fight Oscar De La Hoya in 2007. Of course, those fights pale in comparison to the money he earned to face off against Manny Pacquiao in 2015, which brought him $250 million, or Conor McGregor (his "Caucasian knock-off" of himself) in 2017. For the more recent fight, Mayweather earned an incredible $300 million.

Then, of course, there are the millions he reportedly earns even in his relatively few endorsement deals. It all adds up to Mayweather often being cited as the highest paid pro athlete in the world, but a ten figure fight – if it did ever happen – would fire him even further into that stratosphere.

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