Conor McGregor's McGregor Sports and Entertainment Ltd Posts Over $400,000 In Losses

By on October 2, 2018 in ArticlesCelebrity News

Conor McGregor is doing pretty well financially, having collected, among other things, an $85 million paycheck after losing to Floyd Mayweather just last year, and plenty of lucrative sponsorships to his name. But his company, McGregor Sports and Entertainment Ltd., is in quite a different financial situation, having posted losses of more than $400,000 at the end of last year.

The company's accumulated losses for 2017 came to $416,282 in American dollars. It was started in 2014 to handle and maximize McGregor's earning potential, including registering trademarks associated with the fighter's own personal brand. McGregor's own name is a registered trademark, "The Mac Life," and the company attempted to trademark "Notorious" as well, an effort that went on to fail. Officially, the company's activities are listed as "other sporting activities," and 2017 was evidently not a great year for those activities, business-wise. It handles McGregor's own multimedia brand at, where fans can get the latest news on McGregor, as well as additional info on related topics like MMA fighting, health, fitness, and so on.

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According to The Irish Sun, McGregor Sports and Entertainment Ltd. was doing OK prior to 2017, with a 12-month period of profitable trading before its posted losses, which also resulted in the company's cash supply "decreas[ing] marginally," down to a reported $381,654.

By all accounts, the company's poor performance will have little tangible effect, if any, on McGregor himself despite his being the company's primary shareholder. McGregor's company's business woes aside, his main income source continues to be from fighting, and he's one of the highest paid professional athletes in the world right now. He also has his massive fame to fall back on in a pinch, having become a "social media powerhouse" according to social media company Hookit, with millions of followers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That kind of clout isn't worthless, and Hookit says that it's part of what makes him worth "tens of millions of dollars" to his various corporate sponsors.

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